What did we order? Special Offer: 12 Months + 2 Year Progressed Life Report

What did it cost? $24.50 + $5.15 taxes = total cost of $29.65

What did we get? We ordered a Special Offer which combines a 12 months Transit Forecast Report and a 2 Year Progressed Forecast Report.

After filling out the birth information for the person we were taken to the payment option.

The ordering procedure is very clear and went flawlessly.

Within 24 hours, we got two separate e-mails from Joy Michaud with the 12 Months Transit report and in attachment as a pdf-file in the 1st e-mail and the 2 Year Progressed Report in the 2nd e-mail. Joy Michaud is the person behind

Let's start with the 12 Months Transit Forecasts.

The 12 Months Transit report contains 17 pages, starting with a graph of the transiting planets aspecting the natal planets and points.

We notice from the graphs, that this report is generated by the PCA-Argus software. PCA-Argus is a Windows based astrology calculation program, originally programmed in Denmark by Laurids Pedersen from Electric Ephemeris, with a vast range of features and with the possibility to write your own interpretations and program expansions (new chart wheels, tables, reports,...).

In Europe, this software program is very much in use (especially in the UK and in Germany).

The 12 Months Transit Report from lists the planetary aspects between the transiting planets and the natal planets, starting with the transiting outer planets.

The period of influence of the transit is indicated too.

The delineations are an interesting read and bring in very useful information. They are indicating trends, not real events and happenings.

Clearly, the 12 Months Transit forecast by brings value for the money and you will not be disappointed if you order this Chart.

The second analysis from this Special Offer by covers the future and its possible outcomes dealing with 'long term' influences, describing the themes and trends of the next few years, usually for a minimum of two years.

According to Progressions indicate internal changes that you are going through over an extended period. In other words they describe how your birth chart is developing at the present time. Your personal growth.

Let's take a look at this Chart now.

There are different sections in this report:

  • creative drive and personal development
  • personal development summary
  • happiness, love and money
  • motivation, drive and energy
  • feelings - day to day life
In the "creative drive and personal development" section you will find the delineation of the progressed Sun's position in your natal house.

The personal development summary states the following:

"As you may notice, the interpretations contradict each other, one saying one thing and one another, almost cancelling each other out. This means that you have some choice in the way you express yourself and act, and whether to use the positive or negative indicators. You will benefit from focusing and developing the helpful aspects..."

Well now, this again is to say that's up to you to decipher the analysis. It's always so easy to say it's free will and blah blah blah... There are almost no computer-generated reports that are able to decipher complex configurations. No wonder if even human beings (that astrologers are) too are not always able to decipher complex alignments...

The happiness, love and money section delineates the position of the progressed Venus. The motivation, drive and energy, as expected, is an interpretation of the position of the progressed Mars.

The last section about your feelings and day to day life is about the progressed Moon. However, most often the progressed Moon tells nothing about your feelings... It's not like the Moon in a natal chart!

In progressed horoscopes, the Moon becomes a focus planet, a trigger of events and circumstances... It does NOT point to your feelings...

This is a wrong signification that is so often found in computer generated reports and forecasts.

However, the content of the progressed Moon delineation is sufficiently high to give you some insights into possible events. You will be able to have a look at the way your (future) life goes.

In conlusion, this Special offer of two horoscope forecasts is a very fair deal. It has the same inconveniences as all computer generated reports, but it has the advantage of giving some key points and insight in the wau your life unfolds. Indeed, that's why we can recommend these Forecasts by

CosmiTec's rating:

Reviewed: May 2006

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