Unmatched Future Horoscopes From Cosmic Technologies To Get a More Accurate Picture of YOUR Future.

There are a lot of online astrology services providing future horoscopes. 

They all deliver computerized and automated astrological Readings, Reports and Forecasts.

If you are interested to know if these future horoscopes are worth the money, read our reviews on our astrological profiles page.

If you want to read our reviews on compatibility reports, love horoscopes etc.., visit the reviews page on our astrological compatibility advice web site.

Perhaps most of the mentioned online service providers will meet your needs if you are looking for some decent and well-written prediction and future horoscopes.

However, we at Cosmic Technologies (CosmiTec) have turned things upside down and thought it would be interesting to provide our visitors and customers with something quite differently.

We at Cosmic Technologies have always been reluctant to bring you mere computerized or automated reports.

We still prefer 'handmade' charts and reports, even if it's VERY time-consuming but have now found a most reliable computer generated yearly report too that will stun you.

Overview of our Future Horoscopes and Prediction Horoscopes (more to come):

  1. Solar Return

  2. Yearly Report

Solar Return

A Solar Return is a horoscope cast for the time that the transiting Sun returns to the exact position of the natal Sun.

Solar Returns are special future horoscopes that give valuable forecasts for one year -- from birthday to birthday.

If you want to know what your year will bring, a Solar Return is a very valuable tool and guide that will show the highlights of the year to come.

If you order our Solar Return Forecast you will get:

  • your Solar Return in the Tropical (Western) Zodiac delineated as a stand-alone horoscope
  • your Solar Return in the Tropical (Western) Zodiac compared with your natal chart
  • The Forecast includes the chart wheels that we use to delineate these prediction horoscopes.

We especially focus on planetary patterns (among others, exact midpoint structures) and the general standouts.

The Solar Return Forecast will be sent by e-mail in a single PDF-document to your e-mail address within a month after we received your payment.

We really do need this month to delineate the Solar Return and delineate these specific future horoscopes as the delineations are the work of a human astrologer and NO automated reports. So please be patient.

Our Price: 50.00 Euro

(you can also pay the converted amount in USD, GBP, CAD or AUD)

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One-Year Astrocard Report

This is a forecast report for One Year based upon astrological principles, blended with old secrets of cartomancy.

It's a computer generated report of about 35 pages that is so stunningly accurate that it really will blow your socks off, and that's why we opted to make this report available now.

The downside is that it's still a computerized report though.

This means that you still have to read all the pages and understand the cartomancy principles as well (that are explained thoroughly in the report too).

In other words, you have to read the report carefully and understand the basic meaning and essence of the cards and their related astrological symbolism as explained in the report.

You have to blend the meaning of the cards and astrological basics together to understand the outcome.

Hence, this report is not for everyone because you need to read it all carefully, need discernment and some analytical view ;)

Click here to download a sample of the Yearly Astrocard Report

It's huge (12 MB), so be patient while it downloads!

The One-Year Astrocard Report will be sent by e-mail in a single PDF-document to your e-mail address.

We will need about a week to send it after we received your payment.

Our Price: 79.95 Euro

(you can also pay the converted price in USD, GBP, CAD or AUD)

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