Reliable Methods to Assess
Monthly Horoscopes

Most people will presume that monthly horoscopes have to do with the astrological forecasts for one month.

This is undoubtedly true, but most people do not know that there are different systems to assess such monthly forecasts.

Indeed, astrologers can use different methods to forecast the months to come.

On this page we will discuss these methods and give our own opinion and comments as well.

So, what methods do astrologers use to assess monthly horoscopes?

For your information, we will only look at the most commonly used methods, not to get overly technical and not to overwhelm you with too much exotic systems that have yet to prove their validity.


First introduced by the late Cyril Fagan, the 'solunars' were in fact Sidereal Solar and Lunar return charts which he fervently promoted.

However, when we at Cosmic Technologies (CosmiTec) use the term 'solunars', we mean something else.

In our concept 'solunars' are the same as Lunar Cycle horoscopes, Moonphase horoscopes or Lunar Phase Cycle charts,...

Solunars are personal Lunar Cycles based on the return of a person's natal Sun-Moon phase angle.

So, they are Sun-Moon phase angle returns.

It's the same phase we discussed on our Lunar Cycle Fertility page on our other web site.

Sun-Moon phase angle returns can be calculated with almost all astrological software programs.

These monthly horoscopes are approximately 29.5 days long (this differs from the length of the Moon's orbit around the earth which is about 28 days).

In our opinion you should keep track of the solunars.

In fact, the solunars are such an extremely important topic that we will devote another page to it.

Solunars are really telling you what's in for the month to come.

We consider them as important as Lunar Returns and one of the most important monthly horoscopes.

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Lunar Returns

Lunar Returns are specific monthly horoscopes that are calculated each time that the transiting Moon returns to the exact degree it holds in the natal chart.

A chart calculated for this very exact moment will tell you what holds the month to come.

In the astrological literature there is quite some disagreement among astrologers which lunar return gives the best results: the tropical or the sidereal lunar returns.

We at Cosmic Technologies have seen better results with the sidereal lunar returns even if we think that both kinds of monthly horoscopes are VALID.

There is only one condition: delineate the respective lunar returns with their respective fundamentals and principles.

Don't blend or mingle methods to delineate or interpret sidereal lunar returns with principles to delineate tropical lunar returns, and vice versa.

If you want to delineate sidereal lunar horoscopes, follow the principles mentioned by Cyril Fagan, Alexander Marr or Denis Labouré.

If you want to delineate tropical lunar returns, take al look at the works by Celeste Teal or Marion D. March & Joan McEvers.

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Lunations are another kind of monthly horoscopes calculated for the moments on which the Sun and the Moon are building specific aspects: the conjunction (which we call a New Moon), the waxing square (First Quarter Moon), the opposition (the Full Moon) or the waning square (Last Quarter Moon).

Sometimes -- in fact very seldom -- there is a second Full Moon in the same calendar month.

This second Full Moon is called a 'Blue Moon' indicating rarely happenings. 'Once in a Blue Moon...' is a common way of saying not very often...

However, there seems to be an older definition for the Blue Moon, found in early issues of the Maine Farmer's Almanac.

According to this definition, the Blue Moon is the third Full Moon in a season that has four Full Moons.

As of today, there is no empirical evidence that more extraordinary or rare events happen on a Blue Moon than otherwise on a 'normal' Full Moon.

Suffice it to say that a Blue Moon may be just folklore... or just another Full Moon in the same month.

The lunations are much used in mundane forecasts.

They are also very important in personal forecasts when the lunations are compared with the natal chart.

The lunations are a major predictive tool and most important.

We at Cosmic Technologies have found that there is a certain hierarchy in the lunations.

Read more about the use of lunations (Moon phases) in astrology.

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