Reliable Methods to Assess
Yearly Horoscopes

Most people will presume that yearly horoscopes have to do with the astrological forecasts for one year.

This is undoubtedly true, but most people do not know that there are different systems to assess such annual charts.

Indeed, astrologers can use different methods to forecast the years to come.

On this page we will discuss these methods and give our own opinion and comments as well.

So, what methods do astrologers use to assess yearly horoscopes?

For your information, we will only look at the most common used methods, not to get overly technical and not to overwhelm you with too much exotic systems that have yet to prove their validity.

Solar Returns

A Solar Return chart is a chart cast for the time that the transiting Sun returns to the exact position of the natal Sun.

There are different types of such yearly horoscopes: tropical, sidereal, precessed or non-precessed and returns cast for the place of residence or the place of birth.

Following our own research we use non-precessed tropical solar returns erected for the place of birth.

However, if the place of residence on the birthday differs from the place of birth we do cast a solar return for the place of residence as well!

In this case we blend the delineations of both solar returns.

In our opinion Solar Returns are much neglected and not well researched and quite misunderstood but one of the most valuable yearly horoscopes.

In our forecasting practice, we ALWAYs erect solar returns to look into the future.

There are some very good books about solar returns in the English language, but most of them remain vague.

If you want to get to the basics of solar returns, you will have to speak or understand some other languages because there are some other valuable books in French, Dutch or German that give some more to-the-point delineations and information.

Some of our own findings:

  • Intercepted signs work out in the second half of the (solar return) year.

  • Venus retrograde brings the end of some relationships (in a broad sense: this may be a love relationships or just between co-workers or ...).

  • When two or more points/planets are posited at the very same degree in a sign, you can follow the outcome anytime a transiting planet is at the very same degree in a sign.

    Blend the meaning of the planets/points involved to know the outcome.

  • A New Moon brings the start of something new this (solar return) year.

    A Full Moon in the solar return points to the final accomplishment of something.

    If you are a pregnant woman and have a Full Moon in your solar return chart you now know that you might give birth to your last child for now (it's the accomplishment of a childbirth cycle).

  • The solar return Ascendant intercepted in your natal chart brings sorrow, trouble, possibly tears as well, etc.

    You may feel fenced in and not all what you want will manifest this year.

  • the Sun square the solar return Ascendant brings health problems.

  • the predominant elemental division of the planets brings the major themes of the year to the foreground.

    For example, if most planets and points in your solar return chart are posited in cardinal air signs (which equals the zodiac sign Libra), expect many new encounters this (solar return) year.

    Relationships will build the basics of the year for good or for bad.

  • exact midpoints (orb 0° 00' in the 45° dial or the 8th harmonic) always work out powerfully. This rule never fails and is really infallible.

  • if the Moon is void of course, you will "wander", feel lost, till the Moon enters the next sign (at about a rate of 1° = 1 month).

Take a look at our own solar return reports.

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Secondary Progressions

Secondary progressions are a technique in which all the planets and points (Ascendant, MC,...) in a natal chart are 'progressed' according to the key 1 day after birth = 1 year after birth.

We prefer the Na(i)bod in longitude method.

The planetary positions after birth can forecast what will happen the years after birth.

Even if this system is rather 'symbolic' (and often called 'Symbolic directions'), it is a most valuable tool to delineate yearly horoscopes.

Students of astrology should learn to use the system and incorporate it in their forecasting methods.

The degree meanings of the progressed Ascendant, MC, Sun and Moon are extremely important!

Then come the degree meanings of progressed Mercury, Venus and Mars.

We don't rely on the Sabian symbols!

Instead we go for real "tried and true" and well-researched meanings as propagated by the Muenich Rhythm Theories or the German School for Transpersonal Astrology (Schule fuer Transpersonal Astrologie).

Also, the degree symbolism researched by Helene W. and Willem A. Koppejan is another good source, as well as the ones researched by Sepharial in The Degrees of the Zodiac Symbolized.

And, last but not least, Degrees of the Zodiac by Esther Leinbach is beyond stunning.

Always incorporate these degree meanings when you assess yearly horoscopes!

It's a pity the Indian nadigranthams are not (yet) translated into English as these degree meanings are said to be extremely accurate.

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Solar Arc Directions

Solar Arcs is a method to 'progress' all planets in the natal chart following the key of the motion of the Sun through the Zodiac of 360°.

In this system you have to add the increment of the Sun's motion to each point (Ascendant, Midheaven) or planet, 'progressing' them forward or backward (this latter is called the converse progressions).

In Germany, Alfred Witte and -- later -- Reinhold Ebertin have used and propagated this system with much success.

Noel Tyl has presented the system in the English language.

The system uses midpoints to delineate the charts.

Every student of astrology should learn this system to forecast the future as it's one of the best ways to delineate yearly horoscopes.

We use the system with incorporation of the Hypothetical Trans-Neptunian Planets (Uranian Astrology).

This often gives some stunning information you will not find in another way.

Note that our research has convinced us that exact midpoints overpower aspects!

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