Reliable Methods to Assess
Daily Horoscopes

Most people will presume that daily horoscopes have to do with the astrological forecasts for a single day.

This is undoubtedly true, but most people do not know that there are different systems to assess such daily forecasts.

Indeed, astrologers can use different methods to forecast the daily events.

On this page we will discuss these methods and give our own opinion and comments as well.

So, what methods do astrologers use to assess daily horoscopes?

For your information, we will only look at the most common used methods, not to get overly technical and not to overwhelm you with too much exotic systems that have yet to prove their validity.

Solar Charts

These are the most common used kind of daily horoscopes that can be read in popular magazines and papers.

These popular daily horoscopes are called Sun sign astrology and were 'developed' and pioneered by R. H. Naylor as recently as 1930.

He was invited by the editor of the London newspaper The Sunday Express to cast the horoscope of the newly born Princess Margaret Rose, daughter of the future King George VI.

He did so in the Issue that appeared August 24, 1930, not only delineating the character of the Princess, but forecasting about the Royal Family as well.

He then developed his working method into generalized individual forecasts for each Sun sign.

R.H. Naylor chose to divide his column into twelve paragraphs, one for each person born when the Sun was passing through a particular zodiac sign.

These Sun sign horoscopes are cast putting that sign on the ascendant and then looking which of the 12 equal houses are being affected.

Examples can be found on our Today horoscopes page on which we present a 'mélange' of all kinds of free daily horoscopes delivered by different online astrological services.

Even if these Solar Charts are way too general, and have giving astrology a rather bad rap, there is something to the method.

The Sun is the symbol of one's identity, ego, the way of self-expression and the physical body and physical condition.

Starting from this sign and deviding the circle (chart wheel) in 12 equal sectors (houses) we can delineate -- in a very general way -- the 12 life domains and its meanings.

Do not underestimate this method of delineating daily horoscopes.

When combining or blending these equal houses with the houses of your natal chart, you can get more differentiated interpretations!

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Diurnal charts or diurnals are birth charts for the days in question.

They are cast for the same time of birth (except using the Sidereal Time for that day in place of the natal Sidereal Time) and using the same longitude and latitude of birth.

The transiting planets of the day are thus placed in the diurnal.

These daily horoscopes can indicate minor or eventful days and can be used to determine the best time for handling money matters, gambling, travel, exams and tests etc...

Diurnals give some interesting clues and show at times in a very convincing way the daily ups and downs.

It's best to stick to VERY exact aspects (orb 1°) and exact midpoints (45° dial/list or 8th Harmonic; orb 0°00 - 0°01') for stellar results!

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Another way to assess daily horoscopes is to take a look at the (daily) transits.

A look at the ephemeris for the day to come can indicate the most important aspects/angles that transiting planets make to natal planets and points or to transiting planets and points.

Because no specific calculations must be done, the transits are the easiest and fastest way to forecast the future.

However, according to some astrologers transits do not work.

One of the reasons lies in the fact that there is disagreement as to the orb to be used and often even the most exact transits do not work out.

Why this is so, is not always clear.

One of the reasons may be a wrong time of birth.

Often it's difficult to know what transits prevail and are stronger.

Sometimes one has the impression that transits seem to work on another level and should be used together with other forecasting techniques (the progressions for example).

In our opinion transits should always be used together with progressions.

Transits seem to trigger the Progressions.

We at Cosmic Technologies find transits quite revealing.

Especially the following transits are VERY powerful:

  • the position of stationary (direct or retrograde) transiting planets (orb 1°).

    The EXACT aspects and midpoints tell the story! The position in the natal house of the stationary planet should be taken in consideration too.

    You can be sure that the exact day of the station points to an issue that can be seen in the natal chart.

  • the exact day of the transit of Saturn through the natal houses (transiting Saturn conjunct a house cusp or the Saturn ingress into a natal house) brings delays, inhibitions, hindrances or problems related to that house to the foreground in a VERy clear way.

  • reciprocal transits (for example: transiting Mars square natal Mercury and transiting Mercury conjunct natal Mars) show the day on which events are most likely to happen.

The most powerful transits though, are always the most exact transiting midpoints aspecting natal planets or exact transiting planets aspecting natal midpoints (45° dial/list or 8th Harmonic, orb 0°00'- 0°01').

This way transits are a powerful and accurate tool in delineating daily horoscopes.

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