What did we order? The Year Ahead Forecast

What did it cost? $50.00 + $10.50 taxes = total cost of $60.50

What did we get? We ordered a forecast that delineates our year ahead.

We clicked a direct link on their web site that brought us directly to the payment options by credit card or PayPal.

The credit card payment option by Clickbank went flawlessly.

The order confirmation page prompted us to send an e-mail to Kozmik with our username and a password that was printed on that page.

In case we did not previously sent the birth information we were requested to send this information along.

So we did send our information and the username and password as well.

Within 24 hours, we got an e-mail from David Ryan with the Year ahead forecast in the body of the e-mail. David Ryan is the man behind Kozmik.

The Kozmik Year Ahead Forecast includs the following headings:

  • the overall picture for the year
  • the influence of the further planets on your development
  • the monthly summaries
  • the long term influences at work in the background all through the forecast period
The overall picture for the year is a very brief and generalised chapter containing two short paragraphs and delineating the progressed horoscope.

The next chapter delineates the position of the outer transiting planets (Jupiter to Pluto) in your natal houses. The delineations are short but astonishing accurate. Actually, we don't need (and don't love) large forecasts that do not get to the point.

Between brackets, Kozmik's Year ahead Forecast is not a huge report, it just includes the most necessary information in shortcuts.

Then follow the monthly 'summaries'. Here too, the forecasts are kept very short. In a sentence or two you can read your monthly forecast. We could not find out on which astrological methods or thechniques Kozmik delineated the monthly forecasts.

Nevertheless, the forecasts were quite right and even hit the nail for the past month...

The long term influences, listed in the last chapter of this forecast, are based on the most important planetary aspets between the transiting outer planets and the natal planets and points (Ascendant and MC).

These influences are well-written and the largest part of this Kozmik Year Ahead Forecast.

To conclude, this is not a huge report. We would like this report to be cheaper, even if the content is high and the forecasts are quite accurate. This does not justify 50.00 USD for the report.

That's why we cannot give this reading 5 stars.

However, you will not be disappointed by Kozmik's Year Ahead Forecast if you can afford the price.

CosmiTec's rating:

Reviewed: May 2006

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