What did we order? Yearly Report (Varsha Phal)

What did it cost? $36.00 + $7.56 taxes = total cost of $43.56

What did we get? We ordered the Yearly Report from The Himalayan Ashram of Vedic Astrologers, Soothsayers-India.

As usual, you have to fill out the birth information and at the same time you have the option to ask three complementary questions that they will answer too. This is a most interesting option that we have used!

After filling out the order form we were taken to the Clickbank payment option.

The ordering procedure is very clear and went flawlessly.

Immediately after ordering, the "Thank You" page states that it takes 7 - 10 days for an order to be processed. Actually, we like this, because it may mean that this is not a computer generated report...

Exactly 7 days after we placed our order, we got two e-mails from Soothsayers-India; one just saying that our report was sent by another e-mail and the other e-mail with our Yearly Report in attachment.

We were very pleased to receive both e-mails as we know that it happens that e-mail clients or ISPs block e-mails or attachments. So, it's a good service that they let us know the report is sent.

The Yearly Report contains 16 pages (19,707 characters) in MS-WORD format. Now, that looks great (especially considering the price we payed for this Yearly Report!).

The first three pages contain the birth information of the person and an introduction on how to read the Report. This is a must as the Report contains a lot of Vedic words so that laymen/women still can read and follow the report.

Soothsayers-India also list the abbreviations they use and the significations of the 12 houses with their respective Vedic name.

The Yearly Report is divided into 6 sections:

  1. In section-1, the results that arise from placement of planets in Varsha Kundali are explained. Here, the Himalayan Ashram of Vedic Astrologers delineate the favoravble or unfavorable position of the planets (from the Sun to Saturn and Rahu/Ketu).

  2. In section-2, the predictions based on Varshapala Sahams are indicated. Aside from the Varshapala Saham table, Soothsayers-India give some dates on which favorable or unfavorable events are likely to happen. However, they do not indicate which events might happen.

  3. In section-3, the results that can be expected from the Tajaka "yogas" are enumerated. This section is quite obscure as they predict something but you can't exactly know what specific event they are talking about...

  4. In section-4, the periodwise results based on the Patyayini Dasa are given. In this section the planetary Dasas are listed with a short delineation and prediction. Understand that there are many types of dasha taught in Vedic astrology. Patyayini is not the most common dasha system. Most often you'll find the Vimshottari or Nakshatra Dasha system in Yearly Reports.

    Of course, other dashas, other interpretations and timings!

  5. In section-5 important predictions from Varshapala are listed. This section really is important and interesting as they do some very accurate predictions. They highlight the predictions in yellow that are related to (one of) the questions we posed.

  6. In section-6, Soothsayers-India answer the (three) complementary queries/questions in a most accurate way.

They also state that "by making a full reading in a holistic manner, (do not read specific para in isolation) the total results can be assimilated which will give you a very good idea of what you can expect in the period for which the report is provided."

Clearly, even if the Yearly Report by Soothsayers-India contains some conflicting paragraphs, you have a very good idea how the upcoming year will unfold.

The Report is in-depth and is as much as possible written in "plain English." The Himalayan Ashram of Vedic Astrologers have done a marvellous job on delivering such an accurate Report without psycho-blah-blah that our Western astrology reports are so full of.

It remains to be seen if all predictions will turn out the way they describe, but from an astrological point of view, it's highly possible.

Anyway, this Yearly Report is one of the best you'll find. Highly recommended!

CosmiTec's rating:

Reviewed: June 2006

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